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Psychometric Tests for the Maritime Industry:

The Maritime Industry has challenges unique to its industry! A Seafarer faces certain conditions onboard that call for a specific skill set - ability to deal with long durations of isolation, endurance, team building, versatility, stress resilience, presence of mind to name a few.
We at Psychometrica have tapped into this requirement. Our Personality Tests will help you know more about your Cadets, Officers and Captains. Through our Seafarer Assessment Battery, you can:
- Identify the Behavioural Strengths and Limitations / Areas of improvement.
- Understand the Personality Profile of the prospective Candidate /Seafarer.
- Generate Profiles which will help understand the Personality, Leadership and Stress Adaptability Capabilities.
The SeaPert comprises of

  1. Personality Assessment
  2. Cognitive Assessment (Optional)

Factors Measured by the SeaPert:

  1. Leadership style
  2. Interpersonal style
  3. Stress Tolerance
  4. Adaptability and Ability to Adjust to New Settings
  5. Emotion Management

Factors Measured by SeaPert Aptitude Tests (Optional Test):

  1. Mechanical reasoning
  2. Abstract reasoning
  3. Numerical ability
  4. Verbal reasoning

Advantages of SeaPert Psychometric Assessment:

  1. Employee Turnover
  2. Profitable Running of the Organisation
  3. Healthy Team Rapport
  4. Building a Team of Versatile Crew Members
Our Satisfied Customers:
• Wallem Maritime Training – Mumbai
• Adarsh Shipping
• Nimbus Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

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