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oil and gas industry

Pre-Recruitment Battery for Oil and Gas Industry:

The Oil and Gas Industry forms the backbone of the economy for most Far East nations. It is a well-established, well organised, and well entrenched industry.
Yet,more and more oil companies are waking up to the realisation thathiring the right employee brings with it huge saves in terms oftraining, productivity, as well as cuts down on attrition.
Some qualities required for individuals in this industry are:

  • Good team communication skills
  • High stress tolerance
  • Adaptability and versatility
  • Presence of mind

Our Pre-Recruitment Battery has been specifically tailor-made to meet the unique skill sets required for the Oil and Gas Industry. The Battery consists of a variety of Behavioural and Cognitive Assessments to gauge your employee’s overall behavioural and cognitive profile.
The Pre-Recruitment Battery consists of two tests:

1. Pre-Recruitment Battery – Trainee (PRB-T)

  • Measures freshers/trainees on their basic Cognitive Abilities: Numerical Ability, Verbal Ability, Reasoning Ability
  • Profile of their Strength and Improvement Areas on the 12 Managerial Skills such as Decision Making, Time Management, Communication Skills, and so on
  • Predictability Index for various departments

2. Pre-Recruitment Battery – Executive (PRB-E)

  • Measures Executive or Officers with basic experience on their Basic and Advanced Cognitive Abilities: Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability, Verbal Ability and Critical Reasoning Ability.
  • Profile of their Strengths and Areas of Improvement on the 12 Managerial Skills such as Decision Making, Information Management, Problem Solving and so on.
  • Predictability Index for various departments

3. Manager BluePrint (MB)

  • Suitable for middle to senior managers.
  • Assesses 10 key Personality Traits and 10 Workplace Managerial Skills.
  • Provides 5 Comprehensive Personality Factor Profiles: Leadership Index, Locus of Control, Coping, and so on.
  • Fingerprinting key strength areas to take the right recruitment or promotional decision.

Advantages of our Tests:

  • The tests have been normed on the Indian Population. Hence, it is suitable for hiring personnel from India, South East Asia and Middle East.
  • The tests are ‘Culturally Fair’. This means that they can be used to provide valid and reliable results to individuals across cultures.
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