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At Psychometrica, we realise that for any organisation, taking decisions regarding people is complex, difficult and at times mystifying. To help demystify this process, we offer an entire array of assessment tools. These tools will help you crystallise your needs, and provide you with clear and unambiguous data that will simplify this decision making process for you

The following Assessment Needs Identifier (ANI) will help you understand your unique requirements, decide whether you need to undertake a psychometric assessment for your team, and also suggest the right test for you. So go ahead, study the following statements to help you quickly gauge your requirement for psychometric assessments!

I end up spending too much time recruiting the right people.

Attrition in my company is higher than the industry average.

No matter how thorough my interview process, more often than not, I end up recruiting the wrong people.

I want to ensure I hire the best people for selling my products or services.

I find it difficult to assess the managerial skills of my managers.

I need a quick and objective tool to find out the training needs of my managers.

I need a quick and objective tool to find out the training needs of my sales team.

It is important for my company that we hire individuals who will show high loyalty towards the organisation.

I want a way to ensure that all the employees in my organisation have a certain base level cognitive ability

I want to ensure that people in my team have the ability to grasp basic concepts.

If you have answered with a yes on 4 or more items, then your organisation will certainly benefit from psychometric assessment of the employees or potential recruits

Everyone recognises that recruitment is a resource exhausting, expensive, and time consuming exercise. Yet, one cannot run away from it. While every company has its own approach towards recruitment, the fact remains that recruitment decisions often tend to be subjective and arbitrary. Using a valid and reliable psychometric test that is relevant to the hiring need that you have, can instantly elevate the soundness of your recruitment decision making. Making the right recruitment decision is cost effective in countless ways: it significantly reduces attrition, enables you to recruit people with the right skill sets, thereby also reducing training costs, it cuts down on the time involved in arriving at a decision, and makes the process objective and scientific.

Our Philosophy

At Psychometrica, we truly believe that people are an organisation's biggest asset! And also its biggest challenge!We have assessments to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting people that fit in best with your requirements.

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