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Managerial Skills Profiler

If people are an organisation’s critical resource, then managing people is the most critical skill!

Check where your managers fall on their managerial ability through our Managerial Skills Provider (MSP). The MSP gives you insights into specific skills your managers have with respect to managing their team, managing their own work, as well as managing situations as and when they come up.

The Managerial Skills measures the following 12 diffrent key skills:

managerial skills, online assessment

How can manager skill assessment be beneficial for the organisation?

  • Selection of the right candidate for a managerial position.
  • Profiling existing managers along their skill areas.
  • Training needs identification.
  • Talent maximisation.
  • Performance appraisal inputs
  • Complimentary tool in assessment / development centers

managerial skills test

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At Psychometrica, we truly believe that people are an organisation's biggest asset! And also its biggest challenge!We have assessments to guide you along every step of your people management journey: from recruiting people that fit in best with your requirements.

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