Understand and Learn to manage change…

By | September 27, 2016

“The only constant thing in life is change”. This familiar quote sums up that nothing in life is static.  Everything is in a state of constant flux and there’s nothing we can do to stop change.  The whole world, countries, societies, companies and organizations must evolve and change to survive and so must every individual… Read More »

Relevance of Psychometric Assessment in Today’s Competitive Corporate World

By | July 15, 2016

That the human resource is the most critical for an organisation’s efficient functioning, has long been a management truism. That this resource is also an organisation’s most challenging and difficult to manage, is a more covertly, yet universally accepted idea as well! Organisations have now begun to realise the importance of correct recruitment and deployment… Read More »

Develop Your Career Competencies

By | July 15, 2016

Want to make a smooth college to career transition? Sharpen your vital competencies from now! We have heard often enough how competitive today’s occupational world is, and how tough it is to survive and thrive in this competition. True enough! Knowing this , is there something we can do right from our college days to… Read More »

What’s Your Integrity?

By | July 15, 2016

Increasingly, organizations are looking to hire not just employees having the right skills sets, right leadership potential and right capabilities, but also those who show high levels of integrity and commitment to the organization. Employee integrity has become a key phrase, as every organisation today realizes that no matter what potential an individual brings to… Read More »

Why Do Firms Use Psychometric Testing In Recruitment?

By | July 14, 2016

Psychometric testing is a valuable resource in the selection and recruitment process.  The tests measure candidates’ aptitude, expertise, personality trait and approach.  provide insights into how candidates for a job can perform in certain job positions and work environments. Although most psychometric tests do not evaluate a person’s psychological and emotional stability, some tests are designed… Read More »

Are you a good team member?

By | July 12, 2016

The buzzword in today’s corporate world is “collaboration”, and not “competition”. With super specialized jobs coming to the fore, networking with different professionals has become vital to survive in the corporate world today! Along with good technical knowledge, one also needs to possess the ability to work well as part of a team. Research has… Read More »

Do You Have What It Takes For a Maritime Career

By | May 27, 2016

Pratik had always been keen in a maritime career. The lure of the sea, the glamour of a seafaring job, and the allure of earning big money all attracted him to a career in shipping. After completing his class 12, he enrolled for deck cadet training, and soon enough, was selected by a prestigious shipping company. 4… Read More »

Emotionally Intelligent?

By | May 7, 2016

For a long time, employers have been talking about hiring intelligent people, people with a high IQ, or intelligence quotient. But in the past two decades, focus has shifted from IQ to EQ, or emotional quotient. Employers now seek people who are not only intelligent, but emotionally intelligent. EQ has now become the buzzword, not… Read More »


By | April 22, 2016

DIGITAL DETACHMENT: These are paradoxical times we live in. As we continue to drift farther and farther apart from people who matter to us, we keep getting more and more ensnared in all the non-human entanglements of today’s world. While we have no time to catch up for a cup of coffee with our closest… Read More »